HIGHWAY TOOL BOOTH AT MEOLO – VENEZIA A4 – proj.km 19+690: New gateway to the Adriatic seaside

Location: Meolo – Venezia, Italy

Client: Managing company of motorway routes S.p.a. Autovie Venete; Delegated Commissioner for the emergence of mobility on the A4 motorway – Italy

Date: 2012 – 2010

Project services:Landscape project

Work progress status: Completed

Credits: Favero&Milan Ingegneria; studio T Spa- Rimini; Vidoni Spa; Brussi Costruzioni Spa

Weyland: 98.500 cubic m

Planted trees: 7000 plants

Lawn and grass areas: 76.700 sqm

Parking Area: 13.000 sqm

Roads infrastrutture: 2.700 ml

Brief description: Located in north-eastern part of the intersection between A4 motorway and the regional road 89 ”Treviso mare”, the Meolo junction connects the motorway with the Adriatic seaside and turistic facilities. Delivering landmark projects, we recognise that the highways and roads form a significant part of the public realm as well as the movement infrastructure. Designed to blend harmoniously into its surroundings, using the latest construction techniques and materials and low impact solutions that create comfortable, productive and effective environments, the project consists in the construction of: a trumpet-shaped road junction; the motorway overpass with three spans with 3 full cross-section beams; the toll station with 9 exit lanes, 4 entrance lanes and 2 for special loads; a roundabout with connections to regional road; the railway station square, the park-and-ride ; the wetland; a general landscaping of the area. To supports the planning and delivery of environmentally friendly infrastructures, the project were developed by incorporating mitigation measures and sustainable solutions that reduce the overall environmental impact, including water treatment and supply, renaturalization of landscape, earthworks for acustic barriers, as well as coordinate and resolve the conflicts associated with some of the city key utilities and highways, which were located in the area. We facilitated the contractor both money, time and programme by completing the work one year in advance of expected scheduling.