PORTS & RAILWAYS NATIONAL PLAN: Master Plan on innovative program in Urban Setting in Messina



Location: Messina, Italy

Client: Municipality of Messina, Italy

Date: 2017 – 2012

Project services: Landscape project

Work progress status: Completed

Credits: Camerana&Partners; F&M Ingegneria; Idrotec Srl; Urban Future Organization Srl

Developed area: 160 hectares

Brief description: Located on coastal strip facing the Strait of Messina and charming panorama on italian shoreine, the city of Messina was founded by Greek colonists in the 8th century BC. Also called “gate of Sicily”, Messina and its region has some deep rooted environmental and socio-economic problems stemming from past, included dearth of infrastructure, misuse of public resources, inefficient judicial system and growing informal economy. Migratory pressure, desertification and connected environmental issues, increase today relatively narrow economic base, limiting opportunities for young people, as north-south gap remains the main open problem in the national history of Italy. hrough increasing neglect over time and weak development control, the seaside has suffered severe degradation. By converting the disused railway along the seacost, that for years have separated the city from the sea, the project is a major opportunity for Messina to deliver a platform for the city’s future economic and social prosperity. Covering an seaside of about 150 acres, the plan complements the city’s growth agenda; attracting private sector partnership to regenerate the area with better infrastructure, mixed use residential, commercial and leisure, social and touristic facilities. Crucially the plan ensures that the sensitive seaside environmental and cultural assets of the area can evolve sustainably and remain an integral part of Sicily’s diversity and culture. Conceived as an “Campus for Presidia development” the green seaside belt is intended to create a focal point for local products, incentivizing integrated territorial strategy and promoting local identity. The objective is to bring together communities of local small, medium-sized agricoltural and fishing producers at risk of disappearing and preserve traditional methods and knowledge. As integral part of the seaside belt, collaborative spaces and offices for startups as well as open air showrooms and experimental fields will be provided. Bringing a new seaside city landscape, surrounded by native vegetable varieties and vegetation and linked through a narrative path of local mythology and archaeological remains, the “Welcome to Sicily campus” will expand local economic opportunity through more sustainable tourism offer.