THE "FRESCO": A vision for Genoa Harbour

Client: Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Genova, Italy
Date: 2004
Project services: Consultancy in landscaping
Work progress status: Completed
Credits: Ove Arup & Partners; Systematica (traffic engineering and transport planning); Acqua Tecno (coastal and marine works); Telesystems (transportation systems); S.Fera (historical research); Nova Engineering (energy consultant)
Developed area: 25 km long cost line
Number of planted trees: 12.000 plants
Brief description: At the northwest Mediterranean Sea's closest point to the Padana plain, Genova is a natural outlet to the sea whose industrial region has the highest productivity of Europe. Born from the necessity to increase and reorganize the port facilities on a grand scale, the project became known from its early phases as Renzo Piano's Genovese "fresco". The project's ideas from the onset have confronted the challenge of redefining the equilibrium between urban organism and port, therefore enlarging the port by not simply filling in remaining tracts of coast but, wherever possible, returning the sea to the city. A key move in this strategy is the transfer of the Genova airport to an artificial island while reclaiming the current airport surface area for port uses. In this way the existing port morphology, already configured linearly, obtains a coherence as port capabilities are doubled and the city is given new and more efficient airway capabilities. Furthermore, new coastal areas are freed creating a long, green belt that extends from the east to the west sides of the city. The project also includes changes to the infrastructure of the city on urban, metropolitan, and inter regional levels, including a connection to the future European high velocity rail system and a much needed highway infrastructure reorganization.
View of the model:
Genova Genova    
Genova Genova Genova