TRANSFERLINE PROJECT FOR TRANSALPINE PIPELINE: Shared solutions for an integrated development of the marine terminal in Gulf of Trieste



Location: Trieste, Italy

Client: Tal Oil – Trieste – Italy

Date: 2018 – 2013

Project services: Landscape General project; Geotechnical and Structural design; Pipeline system management

Work progress status: Under construction

Credits: Consultants: F&M Ingegneria – Venezia (Geotechnical Structural design); ILF Beratende Ingenieure ZT Gesellschaft mbH – Innsbruck (Pipeline systems); F. Messina, A. Coppola, M. Diminich, S. Forchiassin – Tal Oil (pipeline management)

Brief description: Located in the Bay of Muggia in the Gulf of Trieste, the marine terminal is used for the unloading of crude oil which is then pumped into the transfer lines that connect the port facility with the tank farm of San Dorligo della Valle. The terminal, composed of two piers with double berths, can receive four vessels simultaneously. Each of the four berths is directly connected to the tank farm via four pipes that transfer the unloaded oil using the tanker’s own pumps. Tal Oil initiated a design project of the marine terminal with the purpose of implementing all remedial actions required in order to achieve a safe and reliable installation with respect to sea water, produced water, reject oil and fire water systems. The scope of work was mainly piping, instrumentation and structural to connect (partially by bridges ) the marine terminal to the existing tank farm by transfer lines. By a holistic approach to resource, the project combines the expertise of specialists in environment and landscape planning, geo technical and structural design and pipeline system management. To effectively handle current and future demand, we provide for an efficient infrastructure system to ensure that new developments are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. A full range of assessments were managed and coordinated to demonstrate to planning authorities how proposed developments will generate an acceptable impact on the environment. Meanwhile we assisted clients understand environmental opportunities as well as issues so that initiatives not only improve the quality of life for users, citizens and visitors, but deliver an uplift in value.

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